Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feeling Spring

I have been called many things: nature child, earth girl, healer, granny healer, medicine woman, animal whisperer, among others....

Whatever I am called one thing I know is that I feel nature. I feel the changes with tides, with weather patterns, smell a storm coming be it rain or snow, I feel the changes the earth makes with the change of seasons ... and one of my favorite changes I love to feel is that seasonal one from winter to spring.

Walking barefoot in the yard, on the sidewalk, or in the driveway is something i do less of here in the south than i did when i lived on the west coast or even when i lived in a tiny suburb of Chicago Illinois... but occasionally i will find myself outside barefoot even here in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains of Eastern TN. I found myself barefoot of late- chasing a kitty who does not understand why i am hesitant to let her wander in the new neighborhood...and i stopped in my tracks after just a few steps...because i felt it ... I felt the change in the earth that has always heralded to me the arrival of spring.

The ground feels feels warmer, more alive, vibrant and vibrating…like the roots are awakening just beneath my feet...i feel this, I felt it...even though it was overcast and a chill still lit the air...i felt it.

Spring is ready to show its will start anew... time to plant the gardens...time to relish the spring Redbud blooming....actually though it is the Bradford Pears i believe that blossom first here in eastern tn... but no matter - winter has ended...and spring is being ushered in... Smokey Blue (the kitty) still is angry she can’t explore the new neighborhood especially in spring- especially with all of the birds nesting here around the new house...spring is here...i feel it...regardless of what the weatherman says.

Welcome spring … perfect timing … renewal … rejoicing in the newness…perfect timing: springs arrival and mine~