Saturday, January 15, 2011


The MW dictionary defines retiring as: "the act of withdrawing from one's position or occupation or from actively working"

I have never really considered retiring. I think the main reason has been that for the majority of my working years I have been my own boss, run my own companies and worked for myself, so I have to ask myself what is it exactly that I would be retiring from?

I have also wondered what it is that i would actually "Do" differently in the interesting state of retirement. For if i didn't have some project each day to get back to or start I think i would wither and die.

This I think this is the crux of the matter - i work for myself on projects I design and decide to work on and change my "work" as necessary to fulfill my need to feel productive while filling a need or niche and in turn, hopefully, my work enables me to support my family.

So what is retirement? I think retirement is the leaving of a job that no longer feels fulfilling. I think retirement is leaving a job where you no longer feel appreciated.

I think retirement is leaving...leaving to hopefully move on to something that feels more rewarding and worthwhile.

I know what retirement isn't. Retirement at least from what i have seen with friends who have retired from their careers or positions- retirement is not sleeping in in the morning. Retirement is not suddenly finding yourself with more time on your hands. Retirement is not so many things one hears and is lead to believe.

I think what retirement can be and hopefully will be for those in traditional jobs or careers is a change from something not necessarily as rewarding as it once was to something very fulfilling.

Retirement can and should be a place a state of mind an attitude and an opportunity to review and renew. A chance to rediscover what is important to you and what it is that you want to learn and work on for the next segment of your adult life.

Personally I know I will never retire in the traditional manner. What i will do is continue to reevaluate and reconsider. I will pursue more of what is important to me as a human being, as a woman and as a citizen of this planet. I do know as I near that third act (thank you Jane Fonda for that wonderfully correct description!) as i approach this third act of mine I am enjoying changing directions to pursue what feels right to me, to find as the great writer and teacher Susan Wittig Albert says "your true voice", while also finding ways to support myself.

As a woman I belong to a wonderful tribe- a tribe that is filled with wonderful role models and guides. Sisters who help and encourage and are there to say what the heck are you thinking of while at the same time saying well done, bravo for thinking. I embrace my femaleness in an entirely new way as I near this third act and am once again thankful to be a member of the tribe of women.

Retirement redefined as seeking new directions to fulfill the soul- that works for me every day~


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Ramblings

Today's high was 28 degrees, with the low expected to be around 17. When i ventured down the hill to run some much neglected errands in town this afternoon the wind chill was at 21 degrees. The sun was shining so brightly though, showing the snowy Smokey Mountains in gorgeous relief. It is always a beautiful scene driving down from my hill- the view of the valley and the Smokies never ceases to take my breath away. The ice had melted from all but one stubborn shaded part of the hill down, so driving was easy.
The only precarious moment was walking from my parking space into the bank across a very icy parking lot. It still amazes me that i feel a little more cautious these days- is this part of growing older? i suspect it is....and the subject fascinates me. Or am I simply sick of getting hurt (the recent tears in knee ligaments that seem to take forever to heal). Perhaps it is simply a combination- knowing as you get older the balance may be a little more precarious, the reflexes not as quick as they used to be and definitely takes longer to heal. Not that i am feeling old...simply i near 60 which i do really consider still young, i seem to be more aware of my body of movement, and to think a little more before just simply jumping in...and again as i said this i find fascinating.

I notice this also as i watch the girls (my mares) - and other horses- my yearling jumps and runs without a thought where as Soli our oldest mare thinks a little as she walks and canters and runs...Nikki the "middle" mare is a combination of the in nature I see what i am feeling.

Meanwhile baby Aggy ( the rescue pup now 10 months old) grows stronger and sweeter with each day- and today was a great day for her as she was left out of her crate while i did m,y errands down the hill and absolutely no damage, no adventures for Aggy while i was gone! Hurray for Miss Aggy!! You are growing into a fine trustworthy young pup.
Dinner tonight was simple pasta veggies and Quorn meatballs...i do so love their products. However i have to do something about a timer- after the one on the upper oven broke i have been lost which usually means i get lost back in my work in my office and forget something is cooking- tonight the water was burning out from under the steamer...thats OK the veggies survived albeit not as el dente as i would like...and the pasta was definitely not el dente but again survived.

So dinner is complete and its time to get some evening work done... evenings are often times of great productivity for me as the phone stops ringing the pups quit clamoring to be let out and the silence descends up here on the as the sun sets over the snowy mountains and the pups snore around my office i feel the words coming...and its a great feeling

Knoxville, TN