Friday, March 18, 2011

Healing Waters

I stood for a long decadent time under the gentle spray of the shower this morning just closing my eyes and feeling the warmth, the healing power, of water. I admit I did think of how wasteful I was being especially when there are so many without clean safe water to drink right now, let alone the luxury of standing under a warm decadent shower head.

I then thought about the healing nature of water. My chiropractor said it best: "whatever ails you throw water at it". If my joints ache i know i am not drinking enough water. If the edema sets in, especially after a long drive, i know i simply need to go sit in a pool, lake or tub and let nature do its thing to readjust those electrolytes moving and those tissue fluid compartments in balance once again .... all the while drinking plenty of water of course.

I know in my animal patients the most important thing is to keep them hydrated- nothing will make a critter go down as fast as dehydration.

And then I thought too of the many other uses of water:

Cooling of nuclear reactors- on all of our minds these days

Hydration of growing crops- especially as e plant our gardens with the arrival of spring

The simple act of purification- for example by its distribution through soil and sediment layers for "decontamination"

The all important mix in so many chemical and biochemical reactions

Water is life- simple statement and yet deeply meaningful

I love water- water to me is my favored drink- my drink of choice especially at meals. I love to swim in water, lay in water, play in surfing, swimming, boating- anything water related. I love simply being around water- walking along the river, the lake, the streams, the ocean....side note no one could believe i would ever leave my pacific coast as i am such a water baby- so needed my ocean- amazing though how the waters of eastern TN heal me too- and the Smokies especially center and heal me....)

I spent most of my adult years in the water poor western states...surrounded by ocean and lakes yet always under water conservation. I was used to of course the outward water conservation ideas but it took my youngest grand to teach me even more about conservation and respect for our planet and her resources. and thanks to my youngest granddaughter Cassie it became more so even in the simplest personal tasks- i remember this tiny California native standing on a little stool to brush her teeth before bed when she was visiting with mom and dad and her reminding dad to put some water in her little Dixie cup so she could use that for dipping her toothbrush and rinsing her mouth- her eyes got huge when i let the water run at the other sink- i learned quickly though and thanked her for teaching me that-

So much so that when i moved to the Smokey Mountains of eastern TN i was surprised to learn there were no restrictions on water use. What you can flush at will? Water lawns whenever? No one looks twice if you wash your car in your driveway?? Hmmmm truly a very different world than what i was used to .....

yet water conservation is still a part of my this morning as i stood under the wonderfully healing and refreshing waters of my shower i did feel guilt...and was thankful that i was able to take those selfish extra few minutes to reflect and meditate while under the healing stream of water.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blog for Health

Grimy Hands Girls\ Blogging

I Love Sharon Lovejoy's blogs- click on her grimy hands to go check it out......

Blogging is a wonderful helps you organize your thoughts and share those thoughts with others far and wide. Blogging serves as a tool for writing, and an exercise of the fingers as well as the mind.

I subscribe to many blogs and look to add additional ones each day. Most of the blogs I subscribe to are by fellow writers...we are each other’s best audience and I know my writer colleagues are my best support system.

I was just getting started with blogging when I took a break - or I should say a move caused me to take a break - it wasn’t long though before I realized that I felt especially “off” simply because I was NOT blogging. Seems that the move simply took all of my energy - are moves ever easy? And I had none left to blog- and I have thought about this. I think that the most healing thing I could be doing during the move throughout the trauma was to blog and yet I felt so depleted I was unable to. So I have made a promise to myself as part of the taking better care of me policy I have adopted. In times of stress especially when you feel zapped of energy, sit down and write- blog. It heals.

I am slowly but surely finding my rhythm again...helps that my office is finally getting more organized- To me there is nothing quite so discerning as not being able to find something when i reach for it- having things out of their place, I admit does start a bit of a panic in me. But the settling in and re-organization of the new office in the new home is part of the healing process too- because it helps me to write and again writing is healing. And as part of my writing exercises i am glad to have discovered blogging.

Blogging....soul searching or lighthearted ad libs....whatever the topic whatever the purpose- no matter if you write for only your eyes, no matter if you have hundreds of subscribers- blogging , writing is healing…write…above all else write.

Chery is a writer, blogger and workshop leader