Saturday, September 3, 2011

Days Labor

This Saturday of Labor day I am mindful of many other Labor Day weekends, and find myself at a very peaceful place in my life. 

And while at peace I am able to look back at other holiday weekends and take a lesson from my reflections....I remember the stress of trying to plan  get-togethers with family and friends, especially with one partner who preferred to live in an alcoholic stupor. I remember family time which was always the best (in spite of weird pathological partners). I remember the joy of  the birth of my first grandchild - Annie - almost 17 years ago in Augusta, GA and watching the fireworks from the hospital window with us telling her 'these are to celebrate YOU Annie' tender moment indeed ~

But as I reflect on Labor days past I again thnk about how this weekend will be one of the calmest quietest happiest Labor day weekends for me- well perhaps not too quiet from 6-9 pm EST as my beloved Vols play their opening game. I know I plan on being in my recliner in front of my large wonderful TV watching and cheering and singing Rocky Top while Toby Bear howls in chorus and Jordan brings a toy over in celebration of what she considers her song (we used to sing it to her when she was a puppy as "Rocky Jo").

But yes it will be a quiet peaceful contentment-filled happy weekend for me- One where i can play the usual weekend catch-up on tail ends of writing projects and prepare for my workweek and travels coming up. One where I can give the house a good weekend cleaning then enjoying it while watching football. It will be a weekend of  cooking but also ordering pizza  and enjoying working in the garden setting up the fall plants and new raised veggie garden. One where I can watch SEC football and feel that southern pride and sing college songs with great enthusiasm. It is one where I can feel part of a group yet blissfully at home with my partner Maria and all our fur kids.

  I was thinking about this peace i feel this morning and wanted to take a moment to look at it, think about it, in order to honor it and preserve this feeling. I believe this peaceful feeling is primarily because I am feeling so comfortable in my own skin these days. I am very happy  about where I am in my life's work, and looking forward to what the future holds. I  feel  at peace in a way I have never felt before in my 58 years  because I have found my rhythm, my true balance of all the things I love and made them into my work. That is I have found my "Right Livelihood".

I write
I teach
I speak
I consult
I heal
I listen
I hear
I see
I touch
I heal

I heal me and that enables me to help others heal themselves

I write, I read, I learn and I teach

I am at peace

I wish for all to reach inside of yourselves and find your right livelihood

That is your ultimate healing gift to yourself

Blessings Dear Friends and may you all have a Happy Labor Day Weekend~