Monday, April 30, 2012

Chipper Cheyenne On The Road Again

Chipper Cheyenne is a Carolina dog of deep thoughts and gentle ways. She is my Zen dog who will clean baby bunnies then gently return them to their nests, making sure to rub her scent around the rim of the burrow to protect them from predators.

My Chipper is also my heart-string girl as i felt a force, like a string,coming from her little puppy body directly to my heart, reeling me in, as she sat in a little circular pen at a feed store with a rescue group some ten years ago. I had gone in to get some kitty litter and came out with my heart-string girl! She started earning her travel miles right away as she joined my big boy Bear and Miss Maria's kitty  Fido Peanut on a seven thousand mile road trip right after we brought her home. She had not however gone on the road with me for work in quite awhile, sticking to errands around town  while i am home. But that changed this past month.

Chipper is back on the road again as I make my way here and there to speaking and consulting gigs. I decided to take her with me for several reasons all boiling down to her being the greatest little travel dog ever and my selfish desire to have her by my side.

Taking pictures of Chipper on our journey however was not always easy as Chipper is very funny about cameras...we say that is her Cherokee heritage (Carolina dogs are the indigenous dogs of the Cherokees) and that she is afraid it will steal her soul. But I did manage to snap a few!

Here is Chipper with her helper dog halter on ready in her back seat queen of the road style!

here is Chipper watching out the back window

and one of my favorites, Chipper totally relaxing in her back seat

We saw much beauty in the stark open landscapes

and some inexplicable things too! This placement of newspaper racks inside a fenced area with a warning was totally inexplicable

and then there were the cows....lots of cows....Chipper LOVES cows!!

Chipper was often on high alert especially for cows....

but mostly Chipper simply relaxed and enjoyed being with her mama in the van off on another adventure....

 One of the greatest advantages I found having Chipper with me was the walks we took- good for her and definitely good for me.
Chipper is my heart string girl and so good for my heart in so many ways.
Chipper Cheyenne Kendrick
Carolina Dog Extraordinaire!
Always first in my heart


  1. I imagine she pictures the cows like in those old Bugs Bunny type cartoons- roasts on legs (SMILE)!!
    I'm with her on the picture thing, believe me...

    1. i think Chipper Cheyenne would happily be a vegetarian dear Khadijah, she is really a very Zen little creature....she truly loves being a farm dog and cows were in the pastures next to our horses when she was a baby and was out there with them every day...she has loved watching them with her horse sister Soli ever since

  2. Great post, Chery. :D You are now bookmarked so I can easily come back for a visit. Your pics are great or is it just that Chipper is so photogenic? :D What do you use for a camera? I'm in the market for a new one. Hugs, dear Chery. :D

    1. Thank you Lindy! i got Maria's hand-me-down cameras so i am very lucky- these were shot with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 Chipper is a photogenic dog though too! but i find i cant go wrong with this camera yet have the options to play with settings should i want. Thanks for bookmarking the blog Lindy- Love ya girl! and hugs right back at ya! I am still working on trying to get back up there to visit- funny how the year before you moved up there i was there every other month- got to work on that.