Monday, December 5, 2011

Cleaning My Desk

I never really understand how my desk gets so messy....
well OK maybe i do, especially when i am traveling a lot
but of late i have NOT been on the road and my desk still has gotten out of control messy....

But cleaning it off is a fascinating adventure of discovery

i begin by creating piles on my side work table
i have a pile for each magazine- so far we have
   Country Living
   Coastal Living
   Martha Stewart Living

hmmmm, guess i want to live.....

and there is
   Veterinary Practice news
   Lab Animal

and of course
   High Country Times

the other piles grow at varying rates:

a pile for coupons
 that was fun going through...discarding the expired ones that never made it into the file folder in the car is sad though :<

a pile for check stubs and deposit slips (always too few of those)

a pile for bills (always too many of those)

then there are the scraps of paper with notes and phone numbers...hmmmm what does that say? who the heck is that???

but a truly special find was a simple post-it note from a recent surprise stop over i made in Houston and spent a wonderful night visiting with my precious oldest daughter and two oldest grands on which my grandson had written "I love our family"

simple notes
bring happy memories
and smiles

May all your cleaning projects bring joy to you ~

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